Self-Care Consultations (2.0!)

Over the years, working with diverse people from all over the world, I’ve been privileged to be a witness to their paths toward health and wellness. Through this experience, I’ve seen a deep desire that we all share to establish and re-center self-care.

Fueled by this insight, I devoted some time at the start of this year to revamp our Self-Care Consultation program. In this process, I’ve combined popular education strategies with Chinese Medicine principles, to develop a one of a kind program that delivers empowering and sustainable results. Allow me a moment to tell you a bit about our Self-Care Consultation (2.0!) program.

Imagine, a full 90-mintues one-one-one with a licensed Acupuncturist and board certified Herbalist devoted solely to your long-term self-care goals. Then imagine having the space to address your points of struggle, as well as any barriers that distract you from nourishing yourself.

Now, imagine being able to create a plan of action aimed at getting you to where you want to be, along with resources and practices to support and guide your progress.

This is exactly what you will gain from our signature Self-Care Consultation, and then some.

Here is a snapshot of what this consultation will provide:

  • A pre-consultation questionnaire to help  guide our time together
  • Journal prompts based your questionnaire responses
  • Food and herbal therapy recommendations to consider  
  • An Acupressure routine designed to address your concerns
  • A follow up meditation crafted to support your unique needs and goals

Consultation Format
Your session will be conducted via phone or Skype. Once you schedule your consultation and complete the accompanying questionnaire, a Welcome packet will be delivered to your inbox, which will include access to your personalized journal prompts. The prompts are juicy, so gift yourself at least 1-2 days prior to your session to review and complete.

After your consultation, when you’ve had some time to marinate on everything you accomplished, I’ll follow up with those detailed session notes + your personalized meditation.

Are you ready to get started? Our program is only open a few times during the year, so make sure to schedule your session early over on our booking page to secure your spot.

Think this program is well suited for a loved one?You can purchase one of our digital gift cards, which can be applied toward the cost of the consultation.

I really look forward to spending some quality time in support of your self-care goals. Until then, if you have any questions, please drop us note at

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