LOAM x Genesis Wellness

It’s official! LOAM has partnered with Genesis Wellness, and our clinic is now nestled within the local Yoga studio located at 3275 West Elm Street. All other contact information will remain the same, including our phone number: 234-759-1259 and email address: info@loamacupuncture.com. New office hours are Friday and Saturday 10am – 2pm by appointment.

You might be wondering why we chose to relocate. There are three main reasons that motivated and empowered us through the decision making process, and they include capacity, accessibility and resources. Over the last year, we’ve listened to your concerns and suggestions for how to improve what we do, and how we do it. Let’s explore each one, in a bit more detail.


When I met the studio owner at Genesis and had a chance to view the space, something resonated with me. While I love and appreciate what the downtown office provided, it often felt that the space was a bit too big for our current needs. At our new location, the capacity feels fitting for where we are now. I will be able to sustain my private practice, as well as our educational programming. The yoga studio is beautiful and inviting — perfect for hosting workshops and other events.

Perhaps it was intuition, or mother wit letting me know that my life would be changing very soon (hello parenting!), but my instincts told me to keep the opportunity at Genesis in mind and to reach out again when the time was right. The studio is conveniently located just a few miles from my house, which cuts down on travel time to and from work. I’m thankful to gain back those extra few minutes in order to spend more time with my little one.


The number one concern that patients would often bring to our attention is visibility. Having an office downtown, while relatively convenient, also proved challenging. We were located in a building without a numbered address, and opted not to install signage the first year, which made it difficult for visitors to find us. At our new location, there will much less confusion as the office is on the first floor, and we’ll be investing is sign for the door this year. There is also ample (and free!) parking right out in front of the building. Thankfully, we will also be able to maintain our ADA compliance.


The downtown office had (and still has) so much potential. That is what initially drew us to the location and the space. It is why we invested our time and resources into updating it in order to create a healing environment. There will inevitably be a transition period as we get use to the new space, and make it our own. Yet my vision and mission for LOAM remains intact. I am still dedicated to intersectional healing, and believe that Chinese medicine is an emerging ally in our movements for liberation. And with the enhanced flexibility that our new clinic space offers we will be able to fortify this philosophy through added resources, including a small-scale herbal pharmacy (more on this coming soon!).

The past year has been such a wonderful experience, full of connection and growth. It has been our sincere pleasure to serve our budding community, and we look forward to furthering this commitment in the coming year.

In solidarity,


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