Cultivating Qi amidst Crisis

On Friday September 20, an estimated 4 million participants took to the streets around the world in the largest day of action focused on the climate crisis. The Global Climate Strike is a truly amazing youth-led movement, which seeks to shift the collective conscious of communities throughout the world. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, this historical moment marks a significant pivot between the Five Phases. And as this transition continues to take shape, we are presented with a gorgeous opportunity to reflect and prepare for what comes next.

A part of what the climate strike movement asks, is that we slow down in order to remember what is  sacred. There are many ways to engage here, including Yoga, meditation, breath work, gardening and other self-care practices such as Qigong. Originating from East Asia, Qigong (or vital energy cultivation) is now an essential component to wellness in many communities throughout the world. In practice it combines breath, movement and meditation to create a holistic mind-body healing system.

If you are in the Lima/Allen County area, I invite you to join me next month for my new class, Qigong: An introduction to cultivating vital life energy, at Genesis Wellness Studio. This class will explore the concept of Qi, while providing a solid foundation for enhanced mind-body awareness. The first session begins October 5 and meets every other Saturday at 8:15AM. It is my hope that this class will serve as a catalyst for both personal and communal transformation. No matter your experience level, all are welcome.

Classes start at $8, with package options available. To secure your spot visit the class registration page HERE. Questions about the class? Reach out to us at

Equinox blessings to you and yours!

In solidarity, Christian

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