COVID-19 Resource List

This is a working list of resources about COVID-19 that will be updated as new information and solutions arise. New resources will be added to the top of the categorized list (not specific to date of publication). The most recent edits to this post were made as of 3/26/2020.

Resilience is as much about transformation as it is about survival. The circumstances that shape our thoughts and actions will either support growth, or obstruct our root system from finding new pathways. And in light of this, we are constantly arriving at the shores of uncertainty in the ebb and flow of our diverse experiences as humans. What we do know, without a doubt, is the unyielding force of change. It is the reality of change that punctuates the landscape of life. And in this moment, the terrain in which we find ourselves, and our communities, is in particular need of tenderness and care. 

On January 28th, I read a post on Facebook from one of my mentors detailing an early report on the CoronaVirus (COVD-19). My mentor, a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and Public Health educator, provided a transparent summary of information gathered from credible sources like the CDC and WHO in the US, as well as from colleagues in Wuhan where the virus was first detected. Since then I’ve been compiling resources, from articles to podcasts, in order to understand more about the virus — not only its characteristics, but the unfolding response to the pandemic. There is a resounding arsenal of preventative + treatment suggestions that every source agrees upon: 

  • Wash your hands with soap and water often and thoroughly for at least 20-60 seconds
  • Use a hand sanitizer in lieu of handwashing if access to a sink and soap is limited
  • Avoid touching your face, especially if you are outside of the home 
  • Stock up on nutritionally dense foods and/or seek assistance with food and supply delivery 
  • Get more rest, both sleep and down time are restorative for the immune system 
  • Spend time outside, in the sun if you can, and give thanks to the natural world 
  • Level up on immune-enhancing foods and medicinals such as turmeric, ginger, garlic, dark leafy greens, elderberry astragalus, vitamin c, d, zinc and olive leaf
  • Cancel all unnecessary travel (especially international flights) and minimize or refrain from attending events (especially in crowds over 30 people)
  • Alert your medical doctor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and other practitioners you entrust with your well-being if you are exposed or feeling ill 
  • Alert your family, friends and anyone with whom you’ve come into contact with and may have exposed 
  • Get advice on where to get tested and where to find support if your health declines
    • Note: If you are in OH, we now have three confirmed cases of the virus (true as of 3/10/20). Additionally the ODH Public Health Laboratory now has the capability to provide targeted testing, along with adequate surveillance capabilities. Please visit OHD website HERE for more information
  • Quarantine yourself at home (if this is feasible for you), and alert your employer(s)
  • Check in on your community and lend support when and where you can
  • Refrain from using racist commentary about people of East Asian ancestry 

This is a just a summary of the many important and life-saving suggestions I’ve come across in the past few months. If I could add one more to the numerous lists already in circulation it would be this: plant your seeds.Plant physical seeds. Plant spiritual seeds. Plant the seeds of change that will survive beyond your lifetime. There have been a number of studies on the important role that soil plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. Now is the time to build the garden that you dream for yourself, your community and for future generations. 

And if you would like to dive into more perspectives on self and community care practices, here is some of the research and resources I’ve found helpful:  



  • The N95 Mask has quickly become the symbol associated with the outbreak of the corona virus, and rightful so. A recent article in FastCompany, The untold origin story of the N95 mask, traces the history of the design back to a young doctor, Lien-teh Wu.


  • COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resource List is a blog which provides an aggregated list of free resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines. There is an additional page dedicated to resources focused on interrupting racism and bias in marginalized communities.



I hope these resources are helpful. Please pardon any poor grammar, source errors or unintentional omissions on my part. I wanted to make sure to share these resources with you sooner, rather than later. If you notice any incorrect or misleading information, please email me at Thank you for keeping me accountable. 

In solidarity, 


Update: This post was first published as a newsletter and was written in response to the emerging data on the CoronaVirus (COVID-19). If you are a patient at LOAM Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine and the clinic is temporarily closed, and will not reopen until it is safe to do so. We are now offering teleheallth services including acupressure, herbal consultations and mind-body practices. You can learn more and schedule your session HERE. Please let us know if you need more support in the coming weeks and months.

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