The foundation of Chinese medicine can be traced back to observations of nature. Over the course of 3,000+ years of inquiry, it has developed into a medical practice that honors the art and science of healing. In its vast scope TCM utilizes diverse modalities including acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicine, bodywork, movement, nutritional therapy, and environmental health. At its core, Chinese medicine views disease and healing much like the concept of homeostasis: the human body as a dynamic system constantly moving toward optimal balance. When the body shifts between this state, TCM is able to differentiate patterns of imbalance with insight using thoughtful diagnostic measures.

At LOAM, we believe that The practice of Chinese Medicine is a practice in Environmental, Social, Economic and Healing Justice. In an era of climate crisis, consideration must be given to the various factors that can influence people over a lifetime; from stress and trauma, to chemical exposure and injustice. Incorporating elements of culture, medicine and ecology, Chinese medicine acts as a bridge between worlds, allowing space for diversity, while creating a loamy environment where communities can thrive. As practitioners of this time-honored, evidence-based medical system, we use all of our senses to provide whole-health care.

Our clinical focus: Chronic pain, Womxn’s Health, Stress & Anxiety and Allergies. You can read more about each focus HERE.

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