Our Practice

East Asian Medicine is an indigenous medical practice, and can be traced back to at least 3,000 years ago with farmers, land stewards, cultural workers, healers, early ecologists, and careful observers of nature. 

In its vast scope East Asian Medicine utilizes diverse modalities including acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicine, bodywork, movement, and nutritional therapy to treat acute and chronic ailments. 

After thousands of years of inquiry, exploration, and documentation, it has been instrumental to the field of medicine and medical research, honoring both the art and science of healing and health preservation.

Loam is soil that contains balanced elements of sand, silt, clay, and humus. A loamy soil is an ideal environment for the nourishment plants people, and the planet. 

LOAM Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine (LOAM) is a health and wellness space that centers interconnection, environmental stewardship, and health conservation. We believe that East Asian Medicine is a powerful form of activism, and an emerging ally in our movements for liberation. 

Through East Asian medical philosophy, and the theories of Intersectionality and Ecofeminism, our work gives careful consideration to the various factors that can influence people over their lifetime, including intergenerational trauma, chronic pain, environmental injustice, chemical exposure, racism, addiction, stress, and anxiety. 

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