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From books and mindfulness practices, to practitioner grade nutritional supplements. Here you will find a variety of curated resources to deepen and fortify your healing journey.


Books on culture, medicine, and ecology

Reading is a radical practice. And for many of our elders and ancestors, the act of picking up a book was either forbidden or inaccessible. Books contain stories that come alive when they are read. They help us to connect, think critically, and expand our understanding of the world. My current reading interests include both nonfiction and fiction works that explore topics related to cultural organizing, the history of medicine, and ecological sciences. I also thoroughly enjoy short and long-form writing, such as poetry, essays, blog posts, and research articles. This reading list includes some of my favorite authors and works on the subjects mentioned above. Every purchase helps to support local, independent bookstores.


Breathwork + Meditation

Contemplative practice is a sacred phenomenon in many, if not all, cultures across the world. Our ancestors evoked the power of the breath and the mind through daily practice, traditional rituals, and ceremonies as a means to transmit culture, healing wisdom and ecological knowledge. Meditation, breath work, and research are powerful tools with benefits that reach beyond the individual, and into the collective consciousness. Our mission and vision at LOAM is to honor the unique wisdom of your inner ecology through health preservation, environmental stewardship, and interdependence. As a compliment to our clinical services, we offer opportunities to reconnect to contemplative practices through private and group sessions. 


Herbs + Supplements

Starting a home apothecary is a wonderful way to reclaim and recenter healing. An apothecary is both a place, and a person which carries a lineage of medicine, and with this comes an opportunity to nurture a relationship with plant relatives, and the natural world. As a community member at LOAM, you have access to practitioner grade herbs and supplements at 20% off of retail prices. Shop trusted brands including Gaia Herbs, Pure, Standard Process, Apex Energetics, Nordic Naturals, and much more. It is completely free to open an account. Purchase and refill your home apothecary items at your convenience.

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