One of the most widely known practices within the scope of Chinese medicines is Acupuncture. Utilizing thin and sterile needles, stimulation is facilitated at specific points and regions on the body. This process elicits a response, ultimately leading to a reduction of pain and inflammation.

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The study of herbology is, perhaps, one of the earliest forms of scientific research. In every area of the world, the use and care of plants for healing purposes has been utilized. Both Western and Eastern herbalists share common ground with a fundamental understanding of botanical intelligence in the formulation of plant-based remedies. Unique to Chinese herbalism is a variety of plant, animal, mineral, resin, and food components within its diverse materia medica.

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Asian Bodywork & Cupping are complementary therapies that mobilizes blood flow to promote healing for a variety of ailments. Tuina utilizes meridian therapy, acupressure, anatomy, and physical assessment. Cupping employs glass, plastic, or silicone cupping tools to create suction and release tension, reduce rigidity, and increase tissue circulation and oxygenation. Guasha provides instrument-assisted unidirectional press-stroking for the purpose of eliminating noxious elements

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Food is the first medicine. From the moment our tiny bellies rumble with that first intuitive hunger. Early on, the connection between plant and person is established through the act of eating. Overtime, we learn how to nourish ourselves and our communities through each and every meal. Through this wisdom, we begin to understand the valuable healing energy stored within food, which can be utilized to grow and sustain our overall health.

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A Self-Care Consultation is a mini version of our unique one-on-one Self-Care Coaching Program, utilizing Chinese medicine-based wellness modalities. This 75-minute consultation is conducted over the phone or Skype, where we will discuss self-care strategies that fit your individual needs + goals. Each session will provide access to a short questionnaire, a personalized meditation and detailed follow-up notes.

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One-on-one self-care coaching utilizes Chinese medicine-based wellness modalities, conducted over the phone or Skype. The 6-week program includes personalized home practice work, meditations, acupressure routines and journal prompts. Each session is 1-hour in length. Whether you already have an established self-care practice, or you are struggling to make time for yourself, this offering is for you if you yearn for regenerative rituals that foster wellness, flexibility, resiliency, and intuition.

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Sold out? No worries! Each month there is space for 3 new clients. The calendar opens up on the 1st and 15th of every month, depending on current client load. Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. Clients in Lima-Allen county may be able to arrange in-person meetings at my acupuncture clinic downtown, pending availability.

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