Kemi, B.

This was my introduction to acupuncture and after each session I felt stronger, had more energy, and felt less and less like my body was failing me. It also helped my mood. I felt lighter and happier after every session.

Patricia, C.

I was very impressed with my appointment. Not as many leg and foot cramps. Looking forward to my next visit.

Robert, W.

I have been coming to see Christian for about 6-weeks now and she has done wonders as far as reducing my pain to a level that is more manageable. I would recommend that if you have issue with anything to come and see her!

Melinda, H.

I loved my consultation. My biggest concern was about whether I would feel awkward talking about something so deeply important to me and it turned out to be something I didn’t need to worry about. The conversation flowed easily with Christian. There wasn’t any evidence that the topic made her uncomfortable which eased everything for me allowing me to speak freely. The information I received during and later in the email recap was wonderful! Working on adding her recommendation to my daily routine. I would recommend working Christian on any topic she is without a doubt a fountain of wisdom and a caring soul who wants to help you obtain your goals!

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